Friday, March 16, 2018

Who Am I?

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Read something interesting from a book and just thought of sharing! 

"I think, therefore I am" or in Latin- Cogito ergo sum
is a famous declaration by a french philosopher, Rene Descartes.

Have you ever wondered who is the I that notices all that thinking? 

The story goes like this. 

I am noticing my own outfit. 
There's my own outfit and there I am noticing the outfit. 
If I am noticing the outfit, I cannot be the outfit. 
The outfit changes continually but the part of me that notices that outfit does not change. 

Notice that you are noticing. 

Now take a moment and think how you would answer the question

You would probably start by
'My name is Sherlyn, I am 22 years old..... and it goes on..... 
I am 5 feets 2 inches tall, I am wearing this outfit, I am thinking of scolding people... I am successful.. I am lousy.. I am this and that.
What you are doing is the physical self (your body) and the thinking self (your mind).
There is another sense of self here.
You who are noticing yourself. 
You who are currently noticing who you are, noticing your body and your mind. 
This is the another sense of self- The observing self, the part of you that is noticing everything, noticing that you are now reading my post.
Going in this direction, 
we can safely conclude that your thoughts are not yours because you can notice it. 


"I am noticing my thoughts. 
There's my thoughts and there I am noticing the thoughts 
If I am noticing the thoughts, I cannot be the thoughts. 
The thoughts change continually but the part of me that notices the thoughts does not change."

In conclusion, your body and mind changes but the observing self does not change no matter what.
It is just like a sky who does not change regardless of the weather changes. The sky remains as the sky. 

I hope you have a moving spiritual experience by now and have a better sense of self. 

Till we meet again, 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What To Expect In Medical School

How is everyone doing? 
It is already March and April is coming real soon! We are almost 1/3 of 2018, time flies. 
A lot of people has been asking me what am I doing nowadays since I graduated since last year!

Graduated from medical school means I finally get the times to do what I want at my own pace. 
At this point, you must be wondering what to expect in medical school. If you are someone who is considering medicine as a career, or even my Monash juniors who are going to start their Year 1 next week, you should totally give it a read. 

I wouldn't say I am the best person to talk about this topic but just bear with me alright? 

You are starting your Year 1 and you are not sure what to do? 
Here are the common FAQs that I got: 

1. Is Monash better or Newcastle better? 
I am not in any position in answering this question since I never study in Newcastle before!
However, I can give you a rough idea on the course structure in Monash. MBBS in Monash is a 5 years course. The first 2 years are pre-clinical years based in Sunway, KL and the last 3 years are clinical years based in JB. 

2. What do you do in clinical years?
You go to hospital, attached to the clinic, follow the rounds and get to see how the senior doctors scolding the juniors doctor. 
Oh well, Malaysia is still going strong in term of the hierarchy system and workplace bully. 
You will see a lot of people use their seniority as an advantage. 
3. Do I have to purchase any medical book? 
For the first year, I guess all you need is anatomy book! You can survive on the lecture notes and tutorials! 
Don't give in to peer pressure or all the kiasuness of your coursemate!
You will see a lot of people buying any single books that is recommended. The problem is do they even have the time to read it? 
Try to make use of the library and there are a lot of ebooks available circulating around! 

4. Is it compulsory to print out all the notes that we have? Or are we allowed to bring tablets during the lessons? 
It is based on your own personal preferences. You are allowed to bring electronic devices to the lessons but not to the exam hall of course.

5. How can I pass medical school? 
Be smart?
Not smart in studying but smart in finding your way around. A lot of compulsory things are not beneficial or compulsory per se.
Also, the movie can sometimes be real. You see a lot of teachers/students romance movies around for a good reason! It is happening in real life. I have heard a lot of scandals throughout the years and it is more common than you think! Don't ever think that it is impossible as they are married. Afterall, who says a married man can't cheat on their wife?
Trust me, there will be a lot of lecturers trying their luck by touching the students in the name of teaching clinical skills; from shoulders to hands and slowly asking you to go out with them, asking for sexual favors. Think about what you want to do with them! Afterall, men think with their penis isn't it?

6. How do I do citation? 
This might be new to some of you too! I often get the questions on how to do citation from the first year as initially it seems overwhelming! Don't worry, just go to this site http://www.citethisforme.com/ and choose your desired style, they will do everything for you! 

Don't worry too much! Year 1 is pretty basic and simple! It may be overwhelming initially but slowly everything will fall in place eventually! 

Till we meet again, 

EyeCandy Rainbow Volume S Brush

Recently I had a hair cut as my hair was getting longer and unmanageable! My hair tends to look so flat in front as it gets oily throughout the day!
Also, as my hair gets tangled easily, combing is never an easy task for me. That is why I used to comb it once a week only! You are reading it right, that was how much I used to hate combing my hair.
Until recently, I discover EYECANDY Rainbow Volume S Brush. 
Honestly I was very skeptical about it before I received the product. 
Now let's see whether it really works for me! 

The packing is very colorful!

Compact size

What is so special about the rainbow brush? 
It has the special S-Curl Teeth Brush. 
The function?
To make spaces between hair so that air can stay to make more volume and reduce friction. 

Recommended if your hair has not enough volume, flat, tangled by frequent styling and damaged by strong UV. 

It came with 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Compact. 
The large is good for head massage, standable and has mirror at the back; while the medium brush is lighter, carriable, standable and has mirror at the back. The compact one is travel size, the mirror is inside and best part is it is washable! 
There are two colors available, Black or Pink. 

I have got myself a pink medium+compact set. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts
The hair brush does add volume to my hair. Not dramatically but noticeable and natural! Afterall, natural styling is what we want right? The quality of the S bristles are good and I used it to massage my head so frequently. It helps me to manage my frizzy and tangled hair better! It de-tangles and smooths my hair all the time!
I also love the mirror. Whether it is compact or medium size, I find it very convenient to just put it in my handbag wherever I go! 

The cons?
A bit expensive.
RM109.40 for Medium+Compact Set 
RM127.64 for Large+Compact set 
Both are discounted price! Read till the end

If you are thinking why the price is a bit high? 
It is handmade in Korea! 
In other words, It is not a mass-produced product!
Does it justified? 

I heard from my friends that it is not easily available in Malaysia but no worries You can get yours from HiCharis.net
Good news for my readers! You can get discounted price from original price at 

RM 109.40 for Medium+ Compact Set 
RM 127.64 for Large+ Compact set 

You can also get it at a cheaper price here if you plan to only get one brush instead of the set!

Till we meet again, 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hocos x Pucca ChuChu SunPact

Sunscreen is undoubtedly important part of skincare routine. 
As Malaysia is always pretty hot and humid, we are all looking for a reliable sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. 
I discover
Hocos Pucca Chu Chu Sun Pact 
while looking for a new sunscreen. 
It is a physical and chemical free sunscreen consists of natural ingredients. 

The first thing that caught my eyes is the packaging. It is so cute in a compact casing. 

It has no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances and no parabens and is suitable for children above 1 year old. It is a SPF43 PA+++ sunscreen which means it protects you again both UVA and UVB rays.

How to use: 
Remove the sticker and press the button down until you see the sunscreen. 
Get the sunscreen onto the puff and apply 10-30 minutes before you go out. 
It is removed by standard cleansing products. 

Coming to the texture, it is silky and creamy yet it is non sticky and non greasy. It is being absorbed into the skin seamlessly and delivers a light and natural finish.

Silky and creamy texture.

Being absorbed seamlessly, light and natural finish.
Most importantly, it is dermatologically tested to be hypoallergenic and hence it is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin as well. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
This sunpact delivers a sheer finish which allow me to proceed with my daily makeup seamlessly. The packaging is cute and not bulky which allows me to bring it out and top up the sunblock throughout the day. The scent is acceptable and it does not leave you with a sticky and greasy feeling. 

You can get yours at 
at the discounted price of RM100.32

Till we meet again,

Monday, March 5, 2018

[Guest Post] Why Moving to East Malaysia Might Be Just What You Need

Graduated from medical school and not sure where to apply next for your housemanship?
Why not consider moving to East Malaysia? 
You haven’t lived in Malaysia until you’ve lived with our easygoing brothers and sisters in the East. 

The moment you touch down and step out of the airport, what’s the first thing you think you’ll see? Trees? Mountain views? Exotic wildlife roaming the streets? East Malaysia is not what you think it is. It’s not an episode of Jumanji. (Have you guys seen the movie, though?)

Besides the higher shipping costs for every online shopper in this part of the country, there’s very little to complain about here. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

  1. It’s easy to get around town to look for laksa (or whatever it is you like to eat)

 The cities aren’t that big and the congestion isn’t as bad. This means getting around to find places to eat is easier. As we all know, accessibility is a big factor when it comes to moving to a location you’re not familiar with.

 If you need an escape route from your everyday life, you’ll often notice that you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the beach or the forest. Time to get your dive on!

I heard the hours also feel longer here. You’ll have more time to do more things.

  1. You don’t need to sell off an arm and a leg to survive

The cost of living is more reasonable and causes fewer heart attacks. (Don’t quote me on the second part.)

The food here is also cheaper. And nothing beats the original Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee.

Fun fact: No matter what you order, you’ll probably get a bowl of clear soup to go with it. Including mee goreng mamak.

  1. The locals take chill to a new level

 It’s like everyone here grew up taking chill pills since they were born. You get what I mean, right? East Malaysians are generally more approachable, patient and laidback.

Remember how tolerance was one of the ‘nilai murni’ we learned in school? Here, you’ll see a Muslim food stall and a non-halal stall side by side in a food court, sharing their utensils.

“When I’m in KL, sometimes I get this feeling that I need to rush somewhere, even if I have nowhere to go.” One of my friends said this.

We should learn from the Sabahans and Sarawakians more. The people here always remember to play hard through song, dance and drink.

  1. There’s a whole city dedicated to cats

Is there anything more purr-fect? Kuching also has a cat museum to show you how much they love cats.

And if you get bored of the cats, you can just drop by one of the many national parks. There’s tons of different animal and plant species that you won’t see in the Peninsula. The orang utans are known to be friendly (definitely friendlier than the ‘orang KL’ that you pass by everyday).

Get ready for your new adventure!

Don’t forget to make a checklist of what to take with you as you enter this new way of life.
      Major appliances (like your fridge where you keep all your junk food)
      Your favourite clothes (we don’t have that many H&M’s here)
      Furniture (we don’t have IKEA here)
      Your car
If you need the help of a vehicle transportation service, [Link to: http://www.gmg.my/services/ ] GMG (Giga Maritime Group) is your one-stop freight forwarding solution to make relocating easier. GMG provides safe and seamless door-to-door collection and delivery services. With distribution centres at Port Klang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, you’ll have everything sorted out for you, from start to finish.


I hope you have a good read. 
Till we meet again, 

Disclaimer: This is a guest post. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Why You Should Try Gokako New Menu

Happy Chinese New Year! 
How is your new year so far? Have you been going to the new Paradigm mall in Johor Bahru?
 Gokako is a Malaysia in style food restaurant chain brand. The name derived from the combination of three main languages in Malaysia: "Goreng", "Kao" ,"Koli". It is a no pork no lark restaurant and they blend the arts, elements and culture of Malaysia in to the restaurant design. 
They have recently launched their new menu! Read on to see what is in their new menu. 

The entrance of the restaurant. It is located at level 4 of the mall and you can easily located it. 

Since it is a family-friendly restaurant, it has a kids zone and interactive wall for the family to enjoy the whole dining experience.

Kids Zone

Interactive wall. 


Gokako Juice 
Gokako Juice: Green apple, Roselle, Mango (From L to R)
What a colorful traffic light juice! I am in love with the colors of the Gokako Juice! 
 It is naturally made of green apple, roselle&rose syrup and mango!
I prefer the green apple more as it gave me the refreshing feeling throughout the meal. 

Main Dishes

Mini Burgers
Another colorful dish.
The red color burger is the Gokako Original Mini Burger.
It is consists of lettuce, coleslaw, chess, tomatoes and onions with the mini chicken chop. The coloring is created by using Beetroot vegetable, so if you are worried about the artificial coloring, it is not a problem at all. 
The blue color burger is Sambal Mini Burger. 
The coloring is created by Blue Pea flower. It is sambal flavour so do expect a little bit of spiciness in this! 
The yellow color burger is Gokako Gula Melaka Mini Burger. 
For the yellow color, it is created by using turmeric herbs. It used the gula malaka sauce to fry the chicken! 
All three burgers are recommended for kids, coated with homemade floor to make it more juicy. 
I actually love the Sambal mini burger here. The spiciness is just right to stimulate your taste buds. All the coloring are made up of natural ingredients and if you try really carefully, you might be able to taste the differences in the wholemeal bun. The chickens are juicy with the added flavor in different burgers.

1/4 Roasted Chicken (Original & Spicy) 
 Using their very own secret homemade sauce to bake and grill the marinated chicken drumsticks, the original roasted chicken goes well with the Gokako original dipping sauce.
If you like something slightly sour, you can also try the spicy chicken as it is slightly sour from the combination of fresh lemon with the Gokako spicy dipping sauce. The chicken is grilled and baked with the homemade specialty Gokako spicy sauce.
The meat is soft and tender and the chicken drumsticks are really huge! It tastes good by itself but by dipping the meat in their sauce, it gives off a heavy and addicting taste.  


From L to R: Original, Curry, Gula Melaka 
Fried Chicken Drumsticks 
This chicken platters definitely can satisfy you with the three different flavors. 
The skin is really crunchy with different flavor and the meat is really tender!
I really love the Gula Melaka flavor! It is really special since it is quite rare to encounter fried chicken drumstick with such a local flavor! 

Gula Melaka Pizza 
Another gula melaka dish as gula melaka is really well known ingredients in Malaysia. 
I really love this!! Do I repeat myself? I love this! With the homemade gula melaka sauce combined with onion, mixed cheese, fresh chicken and a finishing of sprinkle toasted coconut, this pizza is irresistible! The crust is thin and it is cut into 8 pieces. 
It tasted just right without being too sweet or salty. 
I would say this is a must try! 

Nasi Lemak Pizza 
Nasi Lemak is Malaysia's national dish. This pizza uses the ingredients of nasi lemak: anchovies, peanuts, eggs, onion and chicken as the topping.  This pizza tasted perfect after added mixed cheese and the not too spicy sambal. It is not too spicy and at the same time you feel like you are eating nasi lemak! 

Side Dishes

Gokako Rice
Red color is beetroot rice.
Yellow is turmeric rice.
Green is pandan rice.
They are all prepared with natural ingredients of beetroot, turmeric and pandan respectively. 
I love the pandan rice! It is rich in pandan fragrance. 

Soup & Salad

Pumpkin Soup 
The pumpkin soup is made up of healthy ingredients such as carrot, potato and pumpkin! 
It is very creamy and smooth. 



Sweet Potatoes Fries 
Healthy and deliciously sweet.

Garlic Bread 
This bread goes well with gokako soup! It is a combination of garlic, butter, parsley and oil! 

Individual set/Combo Set
This is all for the choices of the new menu. The new menu allows you to have a choice of Gokako Individual Set at RM21.99 nett or Gokako Combo Set at either RM79.90 or RM109.90 nett. 
Image may contain: food and text
Image may contain: food

Lastly, do check out the latest signature dish, Burung Puyuh. It consists of 4 vitamins (A,B, D,K). I am sure you will want to try this out. 

Image from Gokako Facebook page

Gokako Malaysia
Lot 4F-49, Level 4, Paradigm Mall, 
Taman Bukit Mewah, 
81200, Johor Bahru, 
Operating hour: 10.30am-10.00pm

For more information, visit their 

Till we meet again, 


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