Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[Giveaway] Ikan Brand Spaghetti Herb Paste

I am finally having my semester break after a long and busy semester. This time, I am going to show you how to cook spaghetti with Ikan Brand Spaghetti Herb Paste. For your information, I am going to share 3 dishes with you using the Ikan Brand products, so stay tune for more! :D 

Ingredients (For 3-4 person)
Ikan Brand Herb Paste,
Mixed Vegetables. 

What is in the Spaghetti Herb Paste? 
Onion, edible oil, salt, sugar, cheese, Italian herb paste. 

Cooking Instructions
1) Prepare and parboil 200g of noodle, drain well. 
2) Boil the prawn, broccoli and mixed vegetables in boiled water. 
3) Heat up Ikan Brand Spaghetti Herb paste in a pan. 
4) Add in boiled prawn, broccoli and mixed vegetables and toss for a few minutes. 
5) Put the noodles into a plate and pour the sauce in. 
6) Your spaghetti is ready to serve. 

WOW! It look delicious right? hehe. I know I am a housewife material! 
Haha, actually the spaghetti is very easy to prepare with the paste especially for beginners, and most importantly, it taste good! 

For those who are interested to try their products, here is your chance! 
Ikan Brand very generously giveaway 50 Ikan brand Chilli Crab Paste to my readers! Follow the steps below and win yourself Ikan Brand products samples: 

1) Like and share https://www.facebook.com/ikanbrandMY and PM your name, mailing address and phone number! Remember to mention that you are from my blog - Sherlyn! :D 
2) Follow me on my Instagram https://instagram.com/sherlynshuxian/ 

If you want, you can also follow me on my Google+ (It is in the sidebar) - This step is not compulsory but I hope you can show your support by clicking the follow button :) 

After you completed the 2 steps mentioned above, leave me a comment here of your instagram username! 

First come first serve basic for the 50 Ikan brand products samples! So act fast :)

Each mailing address can only apply once for free sample. 
For Malaysia's Mailing address only. 

More information about IKAN BRAND: 
  • IKAN BRAND uses all natural ingredient (without any artificial seasoning e.g. Flavoring
  • All IKAN BRAND products are with no preservatives, MSG and coloring.
  • We check and make sure all our suppliers have HALAL cert and all our supplier’s products are without preservatives.
  • We pack our products in high temperature condition to make sure their have longer shelf life.
  • Our company supports charity events and we hired 4 workers from Dual Blessing Berhad (non-profit organisation for people with disability).

Link above shows video taken by Dual Blessing Berhad to encourage more companies to hire workers with disability so that they can support themselves and reduce financial burden to their family. They can work very well and they can actually understand what are the rules and regulations in company and follow it.

 Any charity event that required product sponsoring or any questions please feel free to email to yhlim.lazatfood@gmail.com or contact 07-5569666 for Ms. Lim marketing department. 


  1. wow lovely skills and patience you've!

    1. Hi kelly, you can do it too! Just try to get the paste and everything will come naturally hehe xoxo

  2. wow this is quite a different type of spaghetti paste from what i know, those tomato types in a jar...but it looks good your cooking

    1. I agree that it is different! So you should try it too! I believe you can cook a nice dish also! :D

  3. Looks so yummy!~ Never heard of ikan brand before but would love to try since it looks nice!

    1. Just join the giveaway! You can get to try it :D It is nice

  4. Delicious! Thx for sharing hehe, btw I've done the 2 + 1 steps hehe... my instagram @babyxan and added u into my Google circles hehe

  5. OMG all these food look so tasty! Your cooking skill damn geng also :P

    1. You can do it too! :D Thanks! Stay tune for the upcoming tom yum soup next week :) xoxo

  6. seriously it looks so damn good! Like like like i want to get samples!

  7. wooo yum yum! i should try their paste too! but what a brand name ya.. ayam brand, ikan brand.. haha you can do a sherlyn brand too~~ hehe

  8. Looks delicious! never heard of the brand though. but maybe i should give it a whirl..shouldn't be too hard for a kitchen noobie like me :p

  9. Fuiyoh your spaghetti looks awesome! My mom uses meat, never prawn. Maybe I should suggest to her

  10. Woah, the spaghetti looks great! I've never heard of the brand before, guess this's a good time to try haha

  11. I love spaghetti and anything easy to cook! This looks yummy!

  12. Thanks for sharing Sherlyn! Now i have found a new way to cook at home ;P

  13. wah..i'm fasting and this really makes me hungry.thanks for the recipe and idea!got all ingredients except for the herb paste.would really love to try this recipe soon!



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