Friday, December 29, 2017

End of 2017, New Year Resolution

Dear Readers, how are you guys doing? 
2017 is coming to the end, it is time for reflection and to plan for the new year again! 

Let's start with
General reflections!
To describe my 2017 in 3 words, it will be 
Eventful, Grateful and Happiness
The happiest moment of the year would be the moment of graduation! I graduated from Monash finally! It is not the end of the journey! I am really thankful that I finally graduated! 
I have learnt some new skills! I manage to improve my photography skill and also makeup skills in the year of 2017! Now I can do eyebrow trimming for other people as well! I also get better in my eyeshadow skill! 
One new thing I discovered about myself is that I can live without a man by my side! 

Achievement of the year
1. Reach 100k total pageview for my teenager blog!
2. Finally got a FB page for my blog.
3. Almost hitting 1k for my baby instagram (Please follow if you haven't)
4. Finally tried to film a video using my baby camera Sony A5000
5. Went for H&M Fashion Visual Merchandiser interview (It was indeed an interesting experience)
6. Graduated with a Distinction even though I didn't really put in effort in my studies over the 5 years
7. Being able to drive long journey.
8. Explore Segamat, Muar, Kluang and Batu Pahat! (Afterall I only know that they are all in Johor this year itself)
9. Got a boss and become part of a team in my agency!
10. Got involve in some photo shooting and video shooting this year as well! The video is on a big screen in a mall! 
11. Become a spiritual individual.
12. Become a kinder individual. 
13. Wrote a chapter in a book that are going to be published :) 
14. Being courageous enough to stay alive. 

The Lows of the Year
Happiness, sadness, anger, stress and disappointment are inevitable in life. 
It is not about what did we lose but what did we learn through the highs and lows.
If we keep focus on what did we lose, we will not be able to grow stronger and to be happier! 

The low of the year, what did I learn and who am I grateful for
Talking about the low,
It will be the sexual harassment scandal.
Will not go into details but sexual harassment happens everywhere!
You must be firm when you needed to in order to avoid further harms.
It wouldn't be possible for me to be who I am today if these people were not around and helped me throughout the year! You know who you are and I shall not name it! 

However, I would really like to take this opportunity to thank my family, my friends and my lecturers for the support throughout the year!
They include my daddy, mummy, sister, brother, my close friends: Carson, Foong Shiang, Elynn, Isaac, Adrina, my laogong laopo from high school (Han, Ber, Min), my colleagues: Aaron and Jaslyn, Drs from the university and hospital: Ms Sharon, Dr Siva (Can find him if you want to make any report of the school!), Dr Lingham aka goddaddy!
Actually there are much more than this! Don't feel sad if your name is not here because I cannot possibly name all of you! (If you still feel sad, drop me a text or mail and I will add you in!)

New Year Resolution: 
Things that I want to achieve in 2018
Be kind and have courage.
Be happy.
Be active and Healthy
Be Grateful

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That is it! I hope you enjoy the post and manage to spent some time to reflect on your year as well!
Happy New Year!
Till we meet again, 

Perspective; The Runway 2017

 I have been wanting to attend a fashion show and I got the chance to attend Perspective; The Runway 2017 in conjunction with the Johor Bahru International Festival 2017. It was indeed an eye opening experience.

This Johor's fashion event featured collections from 8 talented local designers which included THAVIA, Sazzy Falak, Hayden Koh, Fern, My apparel zoo, SHALS, Jean Lai and Super Sunday who is the winner of Best New Designer at KL fashion week 2017.

Isn't this so wavy and calm? This is her wave collection! 








The models and dresses are super gorgeous!

The highlight of the night is the appearance of Johor Princess! She is super gorgeous, isn't she?

Managed to take a photo with Vanessa Tevi Kumares (Miss Universe Malaysia 2015)! She is so pretty! I have always been her fans since her miss universe time!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elective in Singapore

Hi. I know I have graduated! YEAH!!!! Congratulation to my own graduation. 
The last posting before graduation was my elective posting where I chose to do it in Singapore! 

For those of you who wants to know what is it like to do your elective in Singapore, keep on reading. 

I applied the posting a year in advance as you should apply at least 8 months in advance! From my vague memory, the application process wasn't too troublesome. You just have to fill in the application form online and sent in a list of documents required. That is it! (Sounds pretty simple right? It take a few days to get all the necessary documents) 
More information can be found HERE!

List of necessary documents
Application fees 
Clearance of fees
Letter of good standing
Personal PPE
Medical report
Elective fees and its clearance
Professional indemnity insurance
Health insurance

As the allocated elective period for my university is 6 weeks time, I applied for Diagnostic Radiology in National University Hospital and Dermatology in National Skin Center. Initial thought would be these two postings should be relaxing and I can have a holiday posting! It turned out to be busy and intensive posting especially in Dermatology!

As I have never done any radiology posting in medical school, it was really interesting!  I rotated through many stations which included wet reporting, emergency imaging, body imaging, interventional radiology, ultrasound, MRI and breast imaging. 
The rounds was interesting as well as you get to see how different specialties work together. 
The whole 3 weeks was enjoyable! It was structured and guided and you get to attend the radiology tutorials with the student from NUS as well! 
The most memorable experience is the ultrasound hands on experience when you get to know how to use an ultrasound probe, performing FAST scan and so on! 

As for dermatology, it was pretty hectic! They included you in the lectures tutorials and practical session with the local students from Singapore! The practical session was fun! You are allowed to do cryotherapy on apples/tomatoes, patch test for allergy and some idea of the different type of cream, ointment, lotion used! 
There will be one day which you will be attached with DSC (Disease of sexually transmitted center) in Singapore where you get to sit in and listen to various history related to sexually transmitted disease or get the chance to observe various procedures! It was really an eye opening experience! 
Afterall, where else can you ask people such a detailed sexual history right? 
"When is your last sex?"
"Was it a regular partner or casual partner?"
"Any protection used?"
"Any oral sex?" 
"When is your last last sex"  

Both rotations was really guided. Timetable was given and you would know where to go all the time. The assigned supervisor was helpful and friendly as well! Most doctors are helpful, friendly and willing to teach! This is very different if you are from Malaysia where most people are grumpy and not helpful! 

Knowledge wise, you really learn a lot from the posting! 

Unexpectedly, the local students were mostly friendly and helpful people! I managed to make some friends which help me a lot throughout! 

Overall, if you are considering doing elective in Singapore, I will encourage you to give it a try! I had a wonderful, unforgettable experience there! I know you will have too! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A day trip in Sri Petaling

Not knowing what to do for a short weekend or for your holiday? Why not have a day trip in Sri Petaling? An area filled with cafe, spa and saloon, it has almost everything that you need for a relaxing holiday. 

I checked myself in at H boutique Hotel, a hotel nested in the center of shoplots in Sri Petaling. 

I was greeted politely by the receptionist at the counter when I walked in. Looking around the hotel, it is decorated with Christmas decoration in conjunction with the festive season! 
There are chairs for the customers to sit while waiting for the process of checking in. 

The coffee machine allowed the guests to make their own coffee for FREE! 

It didn't take me long to reach the hotel room as the process of registration was fast with the well-trained receptionists! Pretty impressed with the hotel as it has almost everything you need. There are complimentary mineral waters to toiletries! The room was cleaned and I had a comfortable stay in the hotel! 

After resting for a while, I decided to start my cafe hopping journey around the hotel. It was pretty much walking distance to most of the places. 

My first stop was 5.1 cafe gallery! 

I ordered a cup of americano and a slice of dark chocolate cake before I had a look around the cafe. The wood theme with the warm lighting gives the cafe a relaxing feeling.

Ta-da! The order was served pretty soon! As I didn't managed to order their signature course, I couldn't comment much on the food but the coffee was pretty decent to give you a boost of energy for your day! The dark chocolate cake was too sweet for my liking though! 

Managed to speak to the owner and find out that he is a professional photographer! 
He helped me to take a photo with the christmas corner before I leave! 

Mr Poker Coffee 

My friend highly recommended this cafe and so I decided to make this my next stop. 

Once you stepped into the cafe, you will be greeted by the cozy and ambient environment. It was carefully decorated with a variety of cards and antique collection!

Coffee painting MonaLisa

Bruce Lee

It is a poker's theme cafe! The dessert platter and the coffee was thoughtfully designed with the poker card design! The dessert platter was a platter of dessert from macaroon, creme brulee to tiramisu. Definitely must try for dessert lovers out there!

This wrapped my day trip around Sri Petaling area! Comfortable budget stay, themed cafe, delicious desserts and coffee! 

Hope you enjoy the post! 

Till we meet again, 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lynnity: Natural Plants and Fruits Supplements

Hi, How is everyone doing? 
If you haven't read the previous post on Lynnity's products, you can read it here
Today I am going to focus on two of my favourite products from a series of Lynnity's products range that I reviewed a while ago. 

You must be thinking why am I reviewing again but this time round is different as it is the chosen two. Read on.. 

Revealing two of my personal favourite products from Lynnity! 

1. Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic- Grade Essential Oil) and 
2. Lynnity Botanic Health (Citrus) 

Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic- Grade Essential Oil) - 10ml for USD 25.89

Look closely into the bottle, you can see the flower inside- myosotis sylvatica flower. 
Lynnity Relief is proproetary blend of pure roll-on essential oils that is great in soothing minor discomforts!
The scent is invigorating, energizing and relieving which is great and acceptable among users from all ages. 
The roll on head offers convenient method of quick applications for forehead, temples and neck! 
I love the calming aroma which helps in soothing my emotions after a long, tiring and stressful day! It has definitely become one of my daily essentials to relieve stress and the stress related headache!  

You can get it here if you are interested! It may seem a bit pricey but trust me it can last for months even with very generous usage! 

Lynnity Botanic Health (Citrus)-15 sachets for USD 35.69

You know how you wish your family can stay healthy together with you? To be honest this product became my favourite simply because it helps my parents to stay healthy! 
Lynnity Health is a citrus blend which is proven to improve bone and joint health, cardiovascular health and cholesterol management- which is why it is more suitable for my parents as they always complain of joint pain!
The ingredients included mongosteen, blue green algae ad othosiphon.
From the picture, you can even see the seeds of the mangosteen. 
If you are struggling with your cholesterol but still refuse to take medication for it, It is worth for you to try Lynnity Botanic Health as the cholesterol lowering effect is proven!

You can get it here!

I believe that being healthy is a lifestyle and it is the best reward for yourself and people around you!
If you want to know more, 
you can visit their

I hope you enjoy reading!

Till we meet again, 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Sugar On Top, Taman Pelangi

Talking about Sugar On Top, I believed that it is pretty well known among Johorean and even Singaporean. It is a good catchup spot among the youngster nowadays. I forgot about the exterior picture of the cafe! Ooops but I am still going to share with you my experience at Sugar On Top. 

The water are charged at RM 0.80 so we ended up ordering apricot and peach tea. Every pot came with two cups. 

Fat Duck Carbonara RM 20.90 

How fat can the duck be? It is just a few slices of duck meat. It is watery yet creamy. Coupled with the tea, it neutralize the 'jelak' feeling. 
It will be great if they give us a bit more of the duck meat! 

Cookoo Chop RM 22.90 

The portion of the chicken chop is moderate with wedges and salads. You can hardly go wrong with chicken chop. The tender meat with the black pepper sauce tasted pretty ordinary. 

Egg Benny RM19.90

Charcoal Earl Grey RM 18.90 

Their lava dessert has always been popular. I know from the picture it looks a lot like matcha but it is definitely charcoal earl grey! The excitement when you see the content flowing out with just one cut is real! I would say this is a bit too sweet for my taste bud but it is definitely worth a try overall! 

Coming to the service, there are quite a bit of drama as it took an hour for our food to be served! When we asked for it, they only realized the order never reached the kitchen and hence causing the delay! They did apologized for the wait with a few percent discount of the total cost! Is really a few percent but I guess is the thought that count! 

Sugar On Top
1, Jalan Kuning 1, Taman Pelangi, 80400, Johor Bahru, Johor 
Opening hour: 12pm to 12am 
No Pork No Lark 

Till we meet again, 


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