Friday, November 10, 2017

Sugar On Top, Taman Pelangi

Talking about Sugar On Top, I believed that it is pretty well known among Johorean and even Singaporean. It is a good catchup spot among the youngster nowadays. I forgot about the exterior picture of the cafe! Ooops but I am still going to share with you my experience at Sugar On Top. 

The water are charged at RM 0.80 so we ended up ordering apricot and peach tea. Every pot came with two cups. 

Fat Duck Carbonara RM 20.90 

How fat can the duck be? It is just a few slices of duck meat. It is watery yet creamy. Coupled with the tea, it neutralize the 'jelak' feeling. 
It will be great if they give us a bit more of the duck meat! 

Cookoo Chop RM 22.90 

The portion of the chicken chop is moderate with wedges and salads. You can hardly go wrong with chicken chop. The tender meat with the black pepper sauce tasted pretty ordinary. 

Egg Benny RM19.90

Charcoal Earl Grey RM 18.90 

Their lava dessert has always been popular. I know from the picture it looks a lot like matcha but it is definitely charcoal earl grey! The excitement when you see the content flowing out with just one cut is real! I would say this is a bit too sweet for my taste bud but it is definitely worth a try overall! 

Coming to the service, there are quite a bit of drama as it took an hour for our food to be served! When we asked for it, they only realized the order never reached the kitchen and hence causing the delay! They did apologized for the wait with a few percent discount of the total cost! Is really a few percent but I guess is the thought that count! 

Sugar On Top
1, Jalan Kuning 1, Taman Pelangi, 80400, Johor Bahru, Johor 
Opening hour: 12pm to 12am 
No Pork No Lark 

Till we meet again, 


  1. Sugar on top. Wahhh, the name itself is so unique.will check it out if i go to jb next time.

  2. wahhh the egg benny look tasty and the earlgrey cakes tooo...

  3. Don't seem like you have had a positive experience at Sugar On Top. Good thing you missed taking a photo of their shop front, I guess. LOL Despite everything, the food really looks good, except for the slices of duck.

  4. Woah the water has charge? Or you asked for a bottled water? But the food looks good, esp the lava dessert I guess that's why it's popular :)

  5. I am eyeing on the Charcoal Earl Grey, it looks so tempting :)

  6. Food portion wise is so big and tempting! Definitely tempting me to visit this cafe! Should try it when I visit JB next round =)

  7. l like the Charcoal Earl Grey,look delicious



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