Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elective in Singapore

Hi. I know I have graduated! YEAH!!!! Congratulation to my own graduation. 
The last posting before graduation was my elective posting where I chose to do it in Singapore! 

For those of you who wants to know what is it like to do your elective in Singapore, keep on reading. 

I applied the posting a year in advance as you should apply at least 8 months in advance! From my vague memory, the application process wasn't too troublesome. You just have to fill in the application form online and sent in a list of documents required. That is it! (Sounds pretty simple right? It take a few days to get all the necessary documents) 
More information can be found HERE!

List of necessary documents
Application fees 
Clearance of fees
Letter of good standing
Personal PPE
Medical report
Elective fees and its clearance
Professional indemnity insurance
Health insurance

As the allocated elective period for my university is 6 weeks time, I applied for Diagnostic Radiology in National University Hospital and Dermatology in National Skin Center. Initial thought would be these two postings should be relaxing and I can have a holiday posting! It turned out to be busy and intensive posting especially in Dermatology!

As I have never done any radiology posting in medical school, it was really interesting!  I rotated through many stations which included wet reporting, emergency imaging, body imaging, interventional radiology, ultrasound, MRI and breast imaging. 
The rounds was interesting as well as you get to see how different specialties work together. 
The whole 3 weeks was enjoyable! It was structured and guided and you get to attend the radiology tutorials with the student from NUS as well! 
The most memorable experience is the ultrasound hands on experience when you get to know how to use an ultrasound probe, performing FAST scan and so on! 

As for dermatology, it was pretty hectic! They included you in the lectures tutorials and practical session with the local students from Singapore! The practical session was fun! You are allowed to do cryotherapy on apples/tomatoes, patch test for allergy and some idea of the different type of cream, ointment, lotion used! 
There will be one day which you will be attached with DSC (Disease of sexually transmitted center) in Singapore where you get to sit in and listen to various history related to sexually transmitted disease or get the chance to observe various procedures! It was really an eye opening experience! 
Afterall, where else can you ask people such a detailed sexual history right? 
"When is your last sex?"
"Was it a regular partner or casual partner?"
"Any protection used?"
"Any oral sex?" 
"When is your last last sex"  

Both rotations was really guided. Timetable was given and you would know where to go all the time. The assigned supervisor was helpful and friendly as well! Most doctors are helpful, friendly and willing to teach! This is very different if you are from Malaysia where most people are grumpy and not helpful! 

Knowledge wise, you really learn a lot from the posting! 

Unexpectedly, the local students were mostly friendly and helpful people! I managed to make some friends which help me a lot throughout! 

Overall, if you are considering doing elective in Singapore, I will encourage you to give it a try! I had a wonderful, unforgettable experience there! I know you will have too! 

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