Monday, January 29, 2018

Swissvita Review: Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream & Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

Skincare is essential as beautiful skin requires commitment; not miracle. 

Not sure about you but this is my first encounter with Swissvita! 
I am really excited to try out their Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream & Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream. 

Before I go into products' details and reviews, I would like to talk a bit on the brand. 

Swissvita focuses on cutting-edge skincare products research with the France's biotech laboratory team. With the promises of 'Paraben free, Alcohol free, Fragrance free and Sulphate free", they produce quality skincare products for the consumers. It is the only company in Taiwan who is authorized to use AC-11 Logo on skincare products and it is believed that AC-11 is beneficial in DNA repairing and lowering cell dying rate. 

What a lovely pink box arrived at my doorstep! 

Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream & Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

Acne Soothing Cleansing Cream 

I am a lady who do a lot of makeup and it is really important to clean my skin as much as possible. Acne does appeared on my face once in a while and it takes time to get rid of it! 

Acne F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G!

Swissvita acne soothing cleansing cream is a medical-grade facial cleanser dedicated for pimpled skin type, which is also suitable for individual with oily/combination skin

This cleanser makes a difference in your skincare routine by unclogging your pore and reducing the appearance of the pores. 
It has anti-inflammatory effect as it targets the bacteria which causes acne breakouts! 
It is also an antioxidant.
Apart from the citric acid based which is useful in getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads and even breakouts, it also contains plant extract to balance out oil. It can be a little bit skin drying due to the citric acid ingredient. 
According to dermatologists, it is the best acne face wash in acne fighting!

The result can be seen within a week, which is really fast! 

Product instruction
1. Dispense appropriate amount of cleanser.
2. Add water and work into lather. 
3. Massage gently onto wet face
4. Rinse and gently pat dry 

Use it twice a day (morning & night).

The packaging is simple in a squeeze sized tube.
The cleanser has a creamy texture. 

It turned into milky and foamy upon adding the water. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
As I have a combination skin and my T-zone is usually oily, the cleanser does control the sebum production throughout the day. The skin feels clean and fresh but I did experience some dryness on other part of the face. However, drying of the skin is the expected effect of this acne soothing cleansing cream. I adjusted the amount used and areas applied accordingly and applied enough moisturizer after cleansing my face. It helps with the drying. 

The cleanser is moderately foaming. 

Coming to the smell, it did't smell too great for me as it is fragrance free but it was acceptable! 

Price: RM 80 

Micrite 3D All Use Eye Cream

This Micrite 3D all use eye cream is one of the products in the 3D series. 3D series products use aluminium sealed package to prevent the risk of contamination by external pressure, ensure quality care products and maintain the effectiveness of active ingredient. 

The 4 actions of the eye cream include prevent aging, erase eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness by using AC-11 × B12. With the intense hydration and repair formula, it revitalizes, improves overall skin clarity, smooth the look of the eye area and reduce puffiness to make it look more lifted. 
In fact, you need to know there "7 seconds miracle" whereby
It provide instant lifting in just 7 seconds
say goodbye to dark circles and puffy eyes in 7 hours,
reduce fine lines in 7 days,
and erase crow feet.

Swissvita eyecream is also non greasy, paraben free, fragrance free, alcohol free and water based that makes it safe for all skin type. 

Product instruction
1. Apply small dot of eye cream around cleansed eye area. 

Use it twice a day (morning & night).

To use it, take off the lid, bottle cap and the red safety ring. A sharp point in the cap will poke into the foil. 

It has a transparent, watery and non greasy texture. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
I am always bothered by dark circles problem and I have tried many eye cream for it. However, as I am aging, the fine lines are appearing and it really bothers me. Without any hesitation, I gave this eye cream a try as soon as I received it. 

I appy the eye cream day and night around  my eyes area and massage gently. I find the eye cream really watery and non greasy. It was being absorbed by the skin very fast and didn’t  leave me with an oily feeling. 

The packaging is simple in a squeeze sized aluminium tube. The cream flows out easily with a gently squeeze and the only way to stop it is to cap it back as quickly as you can! Other than that, I am totally in love with this eye cream, the lifting effect is immediate as promised! I can feel that it firms up my skin immediately! 

I have a good news for you if you are reading my post, 
enjoy RM10 discount (without min spending) when you purchase Swissvita products from Allyoung.my with the discount code of SWA10
it is valid till 28/2/2018

The products are available both online and offline. 
It is available at Aeon Bandar Dato Oon, Johor Bahru 
The official online store are listed below is AllYoung.my
Other online stores include: 

Hope you enjoy reading. 
Till we meet again, 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Trollbeads Malaysia: All about History And Love

For the charm bracelet's lovers out there, you must be very familiar with Pandora. 
Do you know that TrollBeads was the first one who came up with the concept way before Pandora even though Pandora is the leading brand of charm bracelet nowadays. 

The story of original Trollbeads began in Denmark back in 1976. The designer of the first bead is Soren Silversmith and the bead was later given name to the Trollbeads collection. It has no less than 6 faces and it was sold in his father Svend's jewellery shop in Copenhagen. 

Eight FacesTupilakTupilak Mouth
Photo from: Trollbeads website
Initially, his sister, Lise began to put the beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet until a customer asked to have extra bead on the bracelet one day. From then on, it is not wrong to say that Trollbeads was created in collaboration with customers when the customers came up with the concept of putting several beads on bracelets. The collection grows significantly according to their wishes. 

This was the beginning of an original jewelry concept. 
Photo from: Trollbeads website
Trollbeads allowed you to build you own memories and stories by adding the beads the way you want to according to your personality and memories. 

What are the differences between Trollbeads, Pandora and Thomas Sabo? 

I have came up with this table to summarize the differences.

In summary, 
Trollbeads choose to stay to the origin and their design is classic yet gives out a rustic and modern vibe.
Pandora focuses on clean and simplicity look, suitable for young generation.
Thomas Sabo on the other hand is a feminine, trendy and modern jewelry. 
Red Christmas Ornaments
All of the threes look similar on the first sight but each of them has their own individual style and attracted different customer's group!  

Image result for trollbeads
Photo from: Trollbeads website
Photo from: Trollbeads website
Image result for trollbeads hand
Photo from: https://www.pinterest.com/textile1106/trollbeads/

As I browsing through the website, I can't stop myself from creating my own wishlist!
Hopefully I can get it! 
Engraved Fuchsia
Engraved Fuchsia 
Pink Gold
Pink Gold 
Pure Heart
Pure heart 
Engraved Romance
Engraved romance
Simply Love Bracelet
           Simple Love Bracelet
Gold Heart Lock
Gold Heart Lock 
Photo from: Trollbeads website

Since Valentine's is coming, I came up with this romance collection! With a simple love bracelet, a few romantic beads and a gold heart lock, I am ready to go!
I think this will be a pretty bracelet that suits my personality and style! It is very simple, not only suitable for daily wear but also can be outstanding for events.

Apart from that, their new spring collection 2018- Enchanted Forest Series looks amazing as well with the pearls of peacock and colorful glass beads in sterling silver! Check it out as well!

If you are like me, cannot resist the temptation for it, you can find Trollbeads either online or offlines in over 300 cities worldwide. 

For online, 

They are available at the following stores in Malaysia:
Sunway Pyramid 
G1.13A, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150, 
Petaling Jaya,Malaysia.
Phone: 03-5613 0728 

MidValley Megamall 
G-008, MidValley Megamall, 
75, Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumper
Vivacity Megamall 
G-064, Ground Floor, 
Jalan Wan Alwi, 
93350, Kuching, Sarawak. 

Hope you enjoy reading it, 

This is a contest entry for Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Image result for trollbeads logo×Butterfly Project

Till we meet again, 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

One of my resolutions in 2018 is to blog more.
It has been a while since I last blogged about beauty topic. Therefore I decided to share you guys my new favorite eyeshadow palette recently!

Being a beauty junkie, my palettes collection grows rapidly over the year! Despite many palettes, I still cannot stop myself from falling in love with this
Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

From the packaging, it is all purple from the box to the casing. Unlike the other UD palette, this is a slide out palette! It is slightly bulky and quite difficult to use with while holding it but you can solve this easily by laying it down on the makeup table in front during your application! 

Going to the palette itself, this is a limited edition palette offering 20 metallic shadows.
Since it is a metallic palette, it consists of 20 highly metallic shades. You get 10 jewel tones and 10 neutral tones which allow you to create endless metallic looks. It is very thoughtful organized by colors whereby brights are on the left, neutrals are on the right, separated by the mirror. 

Let's have a closer look at the pretty swatches!

The eyeshadow are really smooth and creamy! It gives a really foiled and shiny effect upon applications! They blend really well There are a few shades which are chunkier such as angelfire and dive, I find it easier to apply those shades with fingers!

The amount of shades allow you to be versatile in creating your desire looks!

Ground: Metallic Deep black
Spandex: Metallic Deep purple with blue shimmer
Metalhead:  Metallic Lighter purple tone with a pink tone  
Mullet: Metallic forest green shade
Twisted: Metallic gold

Aluminum: Metallic medium silver
Dive: Metallic Cobalt blue
Punk Rock: Metallic Burgandy with pink shift.
Amp: Metallic teal blue.
Glamrock: Metallic Bright silver

Bass: Metallic brown
Demo: Metallic brown with rose pink tone
Afterparty: Metallic red
Roadie: Metallic brown/burgandy 
Scream: Metallic mauve pink

Glory: Metallic golden bronze
Starfire: Metallic bright copper
Angelfire: Metallic pale beige pink
Maiden: Metallic golden beige
Acoustic: Metallic nude brown

All in all, this is definitely a palette that is worth investing as you get a high quality palette with 20  shades of eyeshadow! I really love all the colors so much! 
The intense pigmentation, long lasting hours, smooth and creamy applications with no fallout and the versatility for all occasions. 
It has all you need in one palette.

Till we meet again,


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