Sunday, March 25, 2018

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Althea's New Skincare Line- Bare Essentials

As much as I love makeup, great makeup starts from great skin. 

Korea is undoubtedly famous with their 10 steps routine. However, complicated skincare steps make your skin tired. 
Infused with nourishing and hydrating ingredients from nature, Bare Essentials simplify and give your skin what it really needs with just 3-steps.

The 3 steps Bare Essentials range consists of 3 hypoallergenic products suitable for ANY skin types. 

STEP 1: Contour Cleanser RM 23 

It has micro capsules that pop with water to gently cleanse, exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin. The key ingredients are the soothing Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extracts. 
Not only that, it helps to promote blood circulation, reduce bloating and swelling for a defined, slim V-shaped look. 

Micro Capsules
It has a rich and foamy textures and lathers up quickly 
You can get this cleanser at

STEP 2: Primer Water RM 43

This is a 2 in 1 toner and primer. Made with patented dewdrop technology (Macro Fluidic Dispersion technology), it fills up the gaps between pores and allow hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. The Snow Lotus extracts helps in smoothing and brightening of the skin, leaving your skin in a youthful glow. 

Smooth and Silky texture
You can get the primer water at

STEP 3: Fixer Cream RM 50 

Formulated with:
Trehalose- Prevent moisture loss
Wild Green Tea- Hydrating, antioxidants
Baobab Tree Extract- Promote collagen production 
This fixer cream moisture your skin up to 24 hours, keep you skin feeling fresh and bouncy to the touch all day long. 

Non oily, Quick Absorbing 
You can get this Fixer Cream at

With only RM116, you get all three products with the best ingredients! Furthermore, Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you make your purchase now. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
Using this products for a few days, I am totally in love with it. Each one of them smells good and different. 
The contour cleanser is foamy and leave me with clean face. I am totally excited as it can create a defined and slim face if I use it continuously!! Will definitely continue to use it to get my V-shaped face.
The Primer Water is a bit different in texture from the toner that I used normally. It is smooth and hydrating and prepares my skin for the upcoming steps.
The last step - Fixer cream is non sticky and non-greasy upon applying! It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves my skin hydrated all the long. 
After using it day and night for a few days, my skin feels hydrated and not as dry! It is easier for me to apply makeup as well. 

To conclude, I will leave you with the top 5 reasons on why everyone should invest in this new skincare line: Bare Essentials. 

1. Natural Beauty
-Presents only necessary skincare routine for healthy, glowy skin. 

2. Micro-particles 
- Quickly absorb into the skin without irritation.

3. Value 
- Provide high quality products at a reasonable price of RM 116. 

4. Hypoallergenic 

5. Suitable for ALL skin types 
- From young to old, from dry to oily skin! 

Quickly head over to make your purchase now, you are a click away from healthier, glowing skin. 

Till we meet again, 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin

Do you have oily, acne-prone skin? 
If you do, it is important to have a right moisturizer for your skin! 

In the beginning of March, I accepted a 14 days acne clear challenge with 
Eucerin ProAcne Solution A.I. Clearing Treatment 

Acne and inflammation are frustrating problems. Most of the products for acne may leave the skin dry and irritated. 

Eucerin knows your frustration and developed this moisturizer for oily, acne-prone skin. It is tested to effectively unclog pores, visibly reduce blemishes and prevent their reappearance while protecting skin against moisture loss. 

Formulated with 

10% Hydroxy Complex (Combination of AHA, BHA and PHA)
-renew skin surface, unclog pores, reduce acne-causing bacteria and remove dead skin cells

Licochalcone A
- Anti-inflammatroy to soothe irritation and helps reduce redness

and Dexpanthenol (Derivative from Vitamin B5)
-make skin more resilient and less sensitive to environmental triggers. 

 It reduces comedonal acne (blackheads, whiteheads and smallbumps)  in only 14 days without drying out skin, revealing smoother and clearer looking skin. It is suitable for mild to moderate acne. 

I applied on my cleansed face in the evening everyday. Do take note that your skin sensitivity to the sun may increase, so remember your sunblock yea! 

The moisturizer is easily absorbed. With a minimal amount, you can apply to the whole face! However, there is some uncomfortable stinging sensation for the first few applications but it disappeared after a while! 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
I don't have very much visible acne but I do have a lot of black and whiteheads. After 14 days, I find a significant reduction of my pore size and blackheads. You can see the before and after photos below. My skin appearance is improved as my T-zone has became less oily throughout the days. I am pretty lucky that there isn't much small bumps and breakout on my face so far! 

From the before and after photo, you can see that the pore size is less visible and a significantly reduction in the number of blackheads. The lighting might be different but I tried my best to remain the same angle after 14 days as well!

You can find this products at all pharmacies nationwide at a price of RM 62. It is really affordable to own such amazing product which gives you visible results!
You can also checkout ProAcne skincare range from Eucerin to get even better result! 

Visit www.eucerin.my or www.facebook.com/eucerinmy for more information! 

Till we meet again, 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Who Am I?

Image result for i think therefore i am
Picture credit to https://www.google.com/search?q=i+think+therefore+i+am&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGjYqJ9O_ZAhUQ3o8KHe55AH4Q_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=589#imgrc=maPPBVP1U_RXpM:

Read something interesting from a book and just thought of sharing! 

"I think, therefore I am" or in Latin- Cogito ergo sum
is a famous declaration by a french philosopher, Rene Descartes.

Have you ever wondered who is the I that notices all that thinking? 

The story goes like this. 

I am noticing my own outfit. 
There's my own outfit and there I am noticing the outfit. 
If I am noticing the outfit, I cannot be the outfit. 
The outfit changes continually but the part of me that notices that outfit does not change. 

Notice that you are noticing. 

Now take a moment and think how you would answer the question

You would probably start by
'My name is Sherlyn, I am 22 years old..... and it goes on..... 
I am 5 feets 2 inches tall, I am wearing this outfit, I am thinking of scolding people... I am successful.. I am lousy.. I am this and that.
What you are doing is the physical self (your body) and the thinking self (your mind).
There is another sense of self here.
You who are noticing yourself. 
You who are currently noticing who you are, noticing your body and your mind. 
This is the another sense of self- The observing self, the part of you that is noticing everything, noticing that you are now reading my post.
Going in this direction, 
we can safely conclude that your thoughts are not yours because you can notice it. 


"I am noticing my thoughts. 
There's my thoughts and there I am noticing the thoughts 
If I am noticing the thoughts, I cannot be the thoughts. 
The thoughts change continually but the part of me that notices the thoughts does not change."

In conclusion, your body and mind changes but the observing self does not change no matter what.
It is just like a sky who does not change regardless of the weather changes. The sky remains as the sky. 

I hope you have a moving spiritual experience by now and have a better sense of self. 

Till we meet again, 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

What To Expect In Medical School

How is everyone doing? 
It is already March and April is coming real soon! We are almost 1/3 of 2018, time flies. 
A lot of people has been asking me what am I doing nowadays since I graduated since last year!

Graduated from medical school means I finally get the times to do what I want at my own pace. 
At this point, you must be wondering what to expect in medical school. If you are someone who is considering medicine as a career, or even my Monash juniors who are going to start their Year 1 next week, you should totally give it a read. 

I wouldn't say I am the best person to talk about this topic but just bear with me alright? 

You are starting your Year 1 and you are not sure what to do? 
Here are the common FAQs that I got: 

1. Is Monash better or Newcastle better? 
I am not in any position in answering this question since I never study in Newcastle before!
However, I can give you a rough idea on the course structure in Monash. MBBS in Monash is a 5 years course. The first 2 years are pre-clinical years based in Sunway, KL and the last 3 years are clinical years based in JB. 

2. What do you do in clinical years?
You go to hospital, attached to the clinic, follow the rounds and get to see how the senior doctors scolding the juniors doctor. 
Oh well, Malaysia is still going strong in term of the hierarchy system and workplace bully. 
You will see a lot of people use their seniority as an advantage. 
3. Do I have to purchase any medical book? 
For the first year, I guess all you need is anatomy book! You can survive on the lecture notes and tutorials! 
Don't give in to peer pressure or all the kiasuness of your coursemate!
You will see a lot of people buying any single books that is recommended. The problem is do they even have the time to read it? 
Try to make use of the library and there are a lot of ebooks available circulating around! 

4. Is it compulsory to print out all the notes that we have? Or are we allowed to bring tablets during the lessons? 
It is based on your own personal preferences. You are allowed to bring electronic devices to the lessons but not to the exam hall of course.

5. How can I pass medical school? 
Be smart?
Not smart in studying but smart in finding your way around. A lot of compulsory things are not beneficial or compulsory per se.
Also, the movie can sometimes be real. You see a lot of teachers/students romance movies around for a good reason! It is happening in real life. I have heard a lot of scandals throughout the years and it is more common than you think! Don't ever think that it is impossible as they are married. Afterall, who says a married man can't cheat on their wife?
Trust me, there will be a lot of lecturers trying their luck by touching the students in the name of teaching clinical skills; from shoulders to hands and slowly asking you to go out with them, asking for sexual favors. Think about what you want to do with them! Afterall, men think with their penis isn't it?

6. How do I do citation? 
This might be new to some of you too! I often get the questions on how to do citation from the first year as initially it seems overwhelming! Don't worry, just go to this site http://www.citethisforme.com/ and choose your desired style, they will do everything for you! 

Don't worry too much! Year 1 is pretty basic and simple! It may be overwhelming initially but slowly everything will fall in place eventually! 

Till we meet again, 

EyeCandy Rainbow Volume S Brush

Recently I had a hair cut as my hair was getting longer and unmanageable! My hair tends to look so flat in front as it gets oily throughout the day!
Also, as my hair gets tangled easily, combing is never an easy task for me. That is why I used to comb it once a week only! You are reading it right, that was how much I used to hate combing my hair.
Until recently, I discover EYECANDY Rainbow Volume S Brush. 
Honestly I was very skeptical about it before I received the product. 
Now let's see whether it really works for me! 

The packing is very colorful!

Compact size

What is so special about the rainbow brush? 
It has the special S-Curl Teeth Brush. 
The function?
To make spaces between hair so that air can stay to make more volume and reduce friction. 

Recommended if your hair has not enough volume, flat, tangled by frequent styling and damaged by strong UV. 

It came with 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Compact. 
The large is good for head massage, standable and has mirror at the back; while the medium brush is lighter, carriable, standable and has mirror at the back. The compact one is travel size, the mirror is inside and best part is it is washable! 
There are two colors available, Black or Pink. 

I have got myself a pink medium+compact set. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts
The hair brush does add volume to my hair. Not dramatically but noticeable and natural! Afterall, natural styling is what we want right? The quality of the S bristles are good and I used it to massage my head so frequently. It helps me to manage my frizzy and tangled hair better! It de-tangles and smooths my hair all the time!
I also love the mirror. Whether it is compact or medium size, I find it very convenient to just put it in my handbag wherever I go! 

The cons?
A bit expensive.
RM109.40 for Medium+Compact Set 
RM127.64 for Large+Compact set 
Both are discounted price! Read till the end

If you are thinking why the price is a bit high? 
It is handmade in Korea! 
In other words, It is not a mass-produced product!
Does it justified? 

I heard from my friends that it is not easily available in Malaysia but no worries You can get yours from HiCharis.net
Good news for my readers! You can get discounted price from original price at 

RM 109.40 for Medium+ Compact Set 
RM 127.64 for Large+ Compact set 

You can also get it at a cheaper price here if you plan to only get one brush instead of the set!

Till we meet again, 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Hocos x Pucca ChuChu SunPact

Sunscreen is undoubtedly important part of skincare routine. 
As Malaysia is always pretty hot and humid, we are all looking for a reliable sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. 
I discover
Hocos Pucca Chu Chu Sun Pact 
while looking for a new sunscreen. 
It is a physical and chemical free sunscreen consists of natural ingredients. 

The first thing that caught my eyes is the packaging. It is so cute in a compact casing. 

It has no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances and no parabens and is suitable for children above 1 year old. It is a SPF43 PA+++ sunscreen which means it protects you again both UVA and UVB rays.

How to use: 
Remove the sticker and press the button down until you see the sunscreen. 
Get the sunscreen onto the puff and apply 10-30 minutes before you go out. 
It is removed by standard cleansing products. 

Coming to the texture, it is silky and creamy yet it is non sticky and non greasy. It is being absorbed into the skin seamlessly and delivers a light and natural finish.

Silky and creamy texture.

Being absorbed seamlessly, light and natural finish.
Most importantly, it is dermatologically tested to be hypoallergenic and hence it is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin as well. 

Sherlyn's Thoughts 
This sunpact delivers a sheer finish which allow me to proceed with my daily makeup seamlessly. The packaging is cute and not bulky which allows me to bring it out and top up the sunblock throughout the day. The scent is acceptable and it does not leave you with a sticky and greasy feeling. 

You can get yours at 
at the discounted price of RM100.32

Till we meet again,


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