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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dorris's birthday=)

Today is DOrris's birthday!She really celebrated her birthday in tuition center=)we sang birthday song for her=)
She is always so cute!

Me n Dorris=)
 is she cute?!haha.yeah right=)
My student gives me a bandung sweet=)
This is bandung sweet.haha
Today lena Lai super pinky!all pink pink!let me feel like want to hug her!I LIKE PINK!haha

Lena Lai=)super pink right!haha
 As I said before,the other two teacher who is 陈老师and 罗老师is not so friendly!The situation is still remain the same.=(sad right!especially罗老师..she is getting more and more fierce towards student and also me!everytime wanna talk with her i will feel pressure!LOL.Wat a stupid teacher i was right!!LOL
So I hope they can more friendly towards me so that i can work happily= =


  1. lol we both have the same thought about the same teacher!shall not mention her name here but i guess you know who am i talking about.i DONT like her fact i dont talk to her when i worked there last time.she is just so annoying!!arghhh.anyway happy working to you! :) enjoy the time with the kids! :D


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