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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Magnum Cafe, Mid valley

Finally, I am back from hiatus for almost 3 months. Now, final exam is over! :D This means I can try to blog as often as I like again! :D 

I guess everyone knows Magnum? Magnum has now open its first cafe in Kuala Lumpur! 

This is the Magnum Cafe in Mid Valley on a Saturday morning.
Coat it, top it, drizzle it, set it, share it and love it :D 

The menu! You can customize your own magnum or select the ready made magnum in the menu.

First choose the ice cream- chocolate brownie OR Classic Vanilla

Then, coat with either dark, white or milk chocolate! 

Now, choose your toppings from a variety of toppings: marshmallow, dried mango, oreo, chocolate chips..... (up to 3) 

Adding the topping to my ice cream! :D Lastly, choose the drizzle from either dark, milk or white chocolate drizzle again! Your ice-cream is set! 

Have a look at my customize ice cream
Ice cream: Classic Vanilla
Coating: Dark chocolate 
Topping: Marshmallow, crushed cookies and pistachio 
Drizzling: Milk chocolate

 This is the cookie monster ice cream from the menu! 
Ice cream: Classic Vanilla
Coating: Dark Chocolate
Topping: Crushed Oreo, White and Dark Crunch Pearls
Drizzling with White chocolate sauce.

 Our Ice cream! Yummy and it is only RM 9.90 for one! 

 Enjoying the ice-cream with my dear! The ice cream is super delicious! I don't think it is too sweet and everything is just super yummy! hahaha

Magnum cafe
T-023,3rd floor (nearby GSC cinemas), Midvalley 

That is all! If you enjoy reading the post, do follow me on my google+ and instagram @sherlynshuxian for more pictures and updates! 



  1. first time visits here, supported your Magnum Cafe review~ =D

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. so many people posted about this! when do they want to open one in Penang! haha



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